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We are a full service technology company that for 21 years has been offering cutting-edge solutions on demand, combining communication and technology.

ELAV stands out due to transparency, individualized support and its four main pillars – Development, Operations, Infrastructure and Metrics – which can be worked independently or together, generating greater synergy for projects. This allows the customer to focus its efforts on technology at ELAV, keeping its focus on its own core business.

We love what we do, just as communication loves technology.

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Our services


Ideas are transformed in open source platforms structured projects, what allow us to customize and fit it in the client needs without losing the option of new implementations.

What we do?

  • # APIs
  • # App mobile / hybrid
  • # Blockchain
  • # Blogs
  • # Hotsites
  • # Platforms
  • # Portals
  • # Integrated systems
  • # Responsive sites


We follow the project in a continuous cycle, making maintenance and adjustments according to the needs. We use methodologies such as Scrum and DevOps concepts, streamlining the delivery of solutions.

What we do?

  • # Implementation updates and new features
  • # Integrations with APIs
  • # Technical support
  • # Performance and safety testing


We find solutions for simple hosting up to complex infrastructures demanding high availability with dedicated servers and active management, which are managed by us and monitored 24/7.

What we do?

  • # Architecture
  • # Backup
  • # Performance and safety consulting
  • # Hot Warm and Cold Contingency
  • # Scalability
  • # Server Management
  • # Hosting
  • # Troubleshooting


We perform data analysis and surveys of performance indicators in order to maximize results and allow the customers to assess realistically their digital strategies.

What we do?

  • # Analytics
  • # BI
  • # Identification of shortages
  • # Performance
  • # SEO
  • # A/B Testing
  • # Usability testing


Ongoing technical consulting and development of the highly customized project with 67 responsive editions per week, involving journalists, editors, designers, photographers and illustrators.

Trip Magazine

Architecture restructuring in a new environment to support audience peaks and management of daily operations between the outsourced development team of Trip and Elav, in order to maintain the stability and consistency of the environment and its applications.

Parents and Children Portal

Management of daily operations between the R7 infrastructure team and the development team of Elav, to optimize the delivery of the portals new features.


Reorganization and design of a new platform for the commercialization of products such as SlimCaps, besides the integration of the new interface developed by an outsourced team.


Strategic study, performance analysis and implementation of improvements in the usability of the e-commerce interface.


We work with major companies and in each new project, we strengthen our partnerships and expand our knowledge about market needs and trends.

We invest in innovation and this also motivates us to join startup initiatives such as: Mobishop,KlugTV, Pinklicious, Rippex and Saútil.


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Address: Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima nº 1656
Jardim Paulistano / São Paulo - CEP 01451-918

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